at Thanyapura, Phuket




A starter kit will be given out to every athlete. The kit comprises of a Tri Dash t-shirt (size chart), a drawstring bag, a race belt, and a bike bottle.

A finisher medal will also be up for grabs at the finish line.






The 400-meter swim is held in a 50-meter pool providing a safe swim for athletes.

The bike course is a fast two loop course through the rubber plantations around Thanyapura.

The run course is also multi-looped and entirely within the Thanyapura complex.

The Thanyapura Tri Dash Phuket races are official warm-up races for Asia’s longest standing triathlon, the Laguna Phuket Triathlon.




  • Athletes race at their own risk.
  • Athletes must be medically fit to race.
  • Athletes must prepare own water for their bikes.
  • Athletes must sign a waiver form before racing.
  • Athletes must wear their race number and be marked on their arms and legs.
  • Race briefing: Attendance is compulsory.
  • Athletes should not leave any valuables in their bags at the transition area. The race organizers do not take responsibility for lost items.



  • Athletes must keep in the correct swim lane.
  • Any overtaking must be done safely. Try not to crash into oncoming swimmers
  • Athletes must keep count of the laps themselves



  • Athletes’ bikes must have working breaks and be safe to race on
  • Helmets are compulsory. No helmet no race
  • Athletes mount their bikes on the left-hand side of the road and must be cautious of bikers already racing on the road when they start
  • NO DRAFTING (Read details here)
  • No earphones on while biking
  • Athletes must keep to the left of the road when biking, pass on the right, keep far right when passing until they have cleared the drafting zone, and shout “on your right’ when passing
  • Athletes dismount bikes on the left-hand side of the road at the bike finish and run their bike into transition
  • Athletes must keep count of the loops themselves
  • Tops are compulsory



  • No earphones on while running
  • At the run start, athletes must give way to bikers on the bike course before they cross the road to the start of the run, and keep in the outside lane as bikes will be coming on the inside lane
  • Athletes will u-turn at each end of the race course until they completed the distance, then they can cross the finish line
  • Athletes must keep count of the loops themselves
  • Tops are compulsory


2019 Results

• 12 October

2018 Results

• 20 October

19 May

2017 Results

20 May

2016 Results

23 April


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