Check out the Bike Zone Tri Dash limited-edition merch!


    • You can purchase the merchandise online during entry registration for the Bike Zone Tri Dash 2021 races.


    • If you have already registered for any of the 2021 races, you can always log back into your account to make a merchandise order.


    • If you are not joining any races, you can purchase the merchandise separately. Click here.



  • Please note that the below rates exclude 8.7% handling fee.


While making your order online, you can select if you would like to pick up the merch at the race venue at your next race or have it post mail to your registered address (*shipping only within Thailand).



  • No additional fee for picking up the ordered merch at the race venue.
  • Postal fee of THB50 will be added on top per order. You will receive the merch within 7 business days.
THB 300

2021 Tri Dash T-Shirt

THB 400

2021 Tri Dash Visor

THB 2,500

2021 Tri Dash Tri Suit

THB 200

2021 Tri Dash Buff

THB 250

2021 Tri Dash Swim Cap

THB 250

2020 Tri Dash T-Shirt

THB 300

2020 Tri Dash Visor

THB 1,900

2020 Tri Dash Tri Suit

Available sizes:

  • Male size XS, S, M, 2XL, 3XL
  • Female size XS, S, M
THB 160

2020 Tri Dash Buff

THB 200

2019 Tri Dash T-Shirt

Available sizes:

  • Unisex size XS, M, L, XL, 3XL
THB 200

2019 Tri Dash Visor

THB 1,380

2019 Tri Dash Tri Suit

Available sizes:

  • Male size 2XL, 3XL
  • Female size S, L